In order to safely return to swimming, we have conducted risk assessments at each of our swimming locations and provided guidance for parents and swimmers as to how to safely enter and leave the sites.

Drop-off and Pick-up at Sale Leisure Centre

We are following current Swim England Guidance for clubs, implemented as follows:

  • Do not send your swimmer for training if they are self-isolating or exhibiting COVID symptoms.
  • Swimmers should enter through the Sale Leisure Center main reception, and should wear face masks.  If they are undertaking land training then they should proceed directly to their appropriate room on the first or second floor.  If they are arriving to swim, then a coach or COVID liaison will be taking a register at the back of the main reception area by the doors that lead directly to the pool.
  • Spectators are not currently permitted.
  • Changing rooms are not available; swimmers should arrive ready-to-swim with a suitable dressing gown and flip flops.  If undertaking land training, swimmers should wear trainers, leggings and tops over their swimming costumes so that they can quickly get changed poolside.
  • Swimmers will keep any equipment and clothing poolside, spaced at 2m intervals.  Please make sure that swimmers’ bags are large enough to contain their dressing gowns and anything else that you don’t want to get wet.
  • When leaving, swimmers get into their dressing gowns and exit through a fire exit directly into the car park opposite B&M, where a coach or COVID Liaison will sign them out as they are collected.
  • Please note that Sale Leisure Center operates a Parking Eye system and will issue fines if your car is present in the car park for more than ten minutes without registering your number plate at one of the terminals in reception.
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